Meet the Team

Richard Berian

Founder and CEO of Charity Vending
Richard, founder of Charity Vending started the company back in 2011. Richard is an artist, activist, entrepreneur, and businessman. Richard has been in various advertising, marketing and route sales professions for over 40 years.


James Ito

Account Manager
What would we do without James? James was born in Yokohama, Japan, and graduated from Yokohama Municipal University after taking courses in International Relations.
James brings to us a very broad business knowledge, along with a strong desire to help individuals succeed.


Wayne Berian

Marketing and Sales Coordinator
A graduate of San Diego State University, Mr. Berian has been involved in vending and marketing for the last twenty years. He brings us superior marketing and sales skills, coupled with creative thinking.
Marketed long distance services to consumers and businesses through vending displays and kiosks. Wayne has the ability to assemble a top notch network of talented people when required.


Cristina Meyer

Telemarketing Manager
As Charity Vending’s telemarketing manager, Cristina oversees all telemarketing. She’s responsible for the development of new programs, lead generation, program sites and ongoing management of our telemarketing department.
Born in Philippines and raised in England, Cristina graduated from Bath University with a degree in Business Administration. Over the years, Cristina has worked to ensure the highest possible quality locations for our vending display locations.


David Duminil

Operations Manager
David was born and raised in Edmonton, Canada. After attending the University of Alberta, David earned a degree in Business Administration as well as a post-graduate MBA. Over 15 years in the vending industry.
He came on board with us as to assist with our shipping department. We couldn’t be happier that he’s stepped into the position of Vending Operations Management.